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Programme of Ecobalt 2016

* Small adjustments of session topics are still possible. Sessions A1 and B1; A2 and B2; A3 and B3; A4 and B4 will run in parallel. Not all presentations are yet finalized.

Plan of the conference hall

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9. October 2016
Struve hall
12:00-20:00 Registration
Tutorial session I: Measurement uncertainty     (Practical information, Materials)
12:45-17:00 Prof. Ivo Leito (University of Tartu, Estonia) Tutorial on measurement uncertainty in chemical analysis
14:15-17:00 Tartu city tours (info)
18:30-21:00 Welcome reception

Welcome on the behalf of the University of Tartu

Special presentation by Sven Začek

10. October 2016
Struve hall
kik_eng_logo_horizontalDay supported by Estonian Environmental Investment Centre
8:30-8:50 Welcome on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia
Plenary lecture I: Adapting to a Changing Climate
Chair: Prof. Ivo Leito
8:50-9:25 Prof. Ülo Niinemets (Estonian University of Life Sciences) Evaluating the role of Plants in Regional and Global Air Chemistry and Climate
9:25-9:40 Evelyn Müürsepp (Ministry of the Environment of Estonia) The Development Plan for Climate Change Adoption
9:40-9:45 Ivo Leito Organizational information
Parallel session A1 (Struve hall): Environment, climate, economy, society
Chair: Dr. Arturs Viksna
9:50-10:10 Laura Remmelgas (Baltic Environmental Forum, Estonia) Adapting to a Changing Climate: Energy and Infrastructure
10:15-10:35 Kaia Kask (University of Tartu, Estonia) Adapting to a Changing Climate: Economy and Society
10:40-11:00 Assoc. Prof. Hans Orru (University of Tartu, Estonia) Adapting to Climate Change in Estonia: Planning, Land-use, Health and Rescue Management
11:05-11:25 Monika Suškevičs (Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia) Adapting to a Changing Climate: Natural Environment and Bioeconomy
Parallel session B1 (Baer hall): Sustainable chemistry and natural resources
Chair: Assoc. prof. Gordon W. Driver
9:50-10:10 Prof. Dr. Habil. Aivaras Kareiva (Vilnius University, Lithuania) Calcium Hydroxyapatite Derived by Environmentally Friendly Sol-Gel Processing Route
10:15-10:35 Mariann Nõlvak (Tartu Biotechnology Park, Estonia) Advancing marine biobased product development
10:40-11:00 Tõnis Tänav (University of Tartu, Estonia) BeeAware – Apiary project for green future
11:05-11:25 Dr. Žanna Martinsone (Rigas Stradins University, Latvia) Analyses of Environmental Protection Issues among Special Protection Areas Inhabitants’ in Latvia
11:30-12:30 Lunch
Plenary lecture II (Struve hall): Green and sustainable chemistry
Chair: Prof. Nicholas Gathergood
12:30-13:05 Assoc. prof. Gordon W. Driver (Umeå University, Sweden) Fifty Shades of Green: A Critical View to Green and Sustainable Chemistry
Parallel session A2 (Struve hall): Environmental management
(In collaboration with the Estonian Environmental Research Centre and Environmental Investment Centre)
Chair: Assoc. prof. Teemu Näykki
13:10-13:30 Dr. Halan Prakash (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India) Oxidative degradation of Recalcitrant Organic and Microbial Pollutants in Water
13:35-13:55 Assoc. prof. Taavo Tenno (University of Tartu, Estonia) Evaluation of the impact of industrial wastewater to wastewater treatment processes
14:00-14:20 Prof. Marina Trapido (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) Bio-recalcitrant Pollutants Removal from Wastewater with Combination of the Fenton Treatment and Biooxidation
14:25-14:45 Marek Maasikmets (Estonian Environmental Research Centre) Source apportionment and modelling study of particulate matter from the key sources in Tartu
Parallel session B2 (Baer hall): Novel analytical methods for residues in environment
Chair: Dr. Mihkel Koel
13:10-13:30 Dr. Hermann Katzlinger (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany) Analysis of halogenated byproducts of water disinfection with the new High Resolution GCMS – GC Orbitrap
13:35-13:55 Dr. Xavier Maës (Agilent Technologies, Germany) On-Line Solid Phase Extraction LC/MS/MS Applications for Environmental Analysis
14:00-14:20 Prof. Ewa Bulska (University of Warsaw, Poland) On the use of Isotopic Dilution Mass Spectrometry for the Certification of Environmental Reference Materials
14:25-14:45 Dr. Ariovaldo Bisi (Perkin Elmer, Italy) Environmental and food safety applications of tandem mass spectrometry using a novel flow-based design of ion optics
14:45-16:30 Poster session and expo
16:30-22:00 Conference dinner at Mooste Manor (Back in Tartu at 23:00) (info)
11. October 2016
Plenary lecture III (Struve hall): Nanomaterials in environment
Chair: Prof. Mihkel Kaljurand
8:30-9:05 Prof. Anne Kahru (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Estonia) Safety of synthetic nanomaterials: environmental aspects
Parallel session A3 (Struve hall): Nanomaterials and ultrafine particles in environment
Chair: Prof: Anne Kahru
9:10-9:30 Assoc. Prof. Karel Novotny (Masaryk University, Czech Republic) Distribution mapping of nanoparticles by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
9:30-9:50 Assoc. Prof. Hans Orru (University of Tartu, Estonia) Variations in the Concentrations of Ultrafine Particles and PM in Relation to Particle Sources and Meteorological Conditions in Tartu, Estonia
9:50-10:10 Marge Muna (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) Exposure of Freshwater Zooplankton to Copper Nanoparticles: Toxicity and Copper Body Burden
10:10-10:30 Dr. Žanna Martinsone (Rigas Stradins University, Latvia) PM10 and PM2.5 Pollution in Different Districts of Riga City
Parallel session B3 (Baer hall): Novel analytical methods
Chair: Prof. Marina Trapido
9:10-9:30 Dr. Mihkel Koel (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) Ionic liquids as specific additives in separation methods
9:30-9:50 Prof. Viktor Kanicky (Masaryk University, Czech Republic) Laser-assisted plasma spectrometry: research and development in the Laboratory of Atomic Spectrochemistry
9:50-10:10 Andres Siiman (Syntpot OÜ, Estonia) Introduction to Bruker Optics open path and remote sensing systems for monitoring atmospheric condititions and local gaseous pollutions
10:10-10:30 Prof. Mihkel Kaljurand (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia Detection of banned chemicals in various matrices (saliva, sediments) by capillary electrophoresis
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
Parallel session A4 (Struve hall): Green City: Urban Biodiversity
Chair: Prof. Viktor Kanicky
11:00-11:20 Prof. Rein Ahas (University of Tartu, Estonia) Measuring ecological footprint and urban mobility using mobile positioning data
11:20-11:40 Dr. John Palmer (Pompeu Fabra University​, Spain) Combining mobile positioning data with citizen scientists’ observations to better track disease-vector mosquitoes
11:40-12:00 Dr. Marko Mägi (University of Tartu, Estonia) Acoustical scaring of corvids in the city
12:00-12:20 Allan Zirk (University of Tartu, Estonia) Manage your Green city in PlutoF
Parallel session B4 (Baer hall): Pharmaceutical residues in environment
Chair: Dr. Arturs Viksna
11:00-11:20 Assoc. Prof. Vadims Bartkevics (University of Latvia) Occurrence of Pharmaceutical Residues in the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Riga, Latvia
11:20-11:40 Dr. Silvija Abele (University of Oslo, Norway; University of Latvia) Simultaneous determination of pharmaceutical product residues in water by HPLC-MS/MS using online SPE
11:40-12:00 Dr. Iveta Pugajeva (University of Latvia) Analysis of Pharmaceutical Residues in Wastewater Samples using High Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled to Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry
12:00-12:20 Dr. Ingus Perkons (University of Latvia) Determination of Steroidal Estrogens in Tap Water Samples using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
12:20-13:20 Lunch
Plenary lecture IV (Struve hall): Green and sustainable chemistry
Chair: Assoc. prof. Gordon W. Driver
13:20-13:55 Prof. Nicholas Gathergood (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) Atom Economy, Catalysis and Green Toxicology: Tools for the Delivery of Sustainable Chemistry based on Ionic Liquids
Young scientist session (Struve hall)
Chair: Dr. Hanno Evard
14:00-14:20 Elise Joonas (University of Tartu, Estonia) Doped Rare Earth Oxides and Their Constituent Metals Inhibit Algal Growth by Metal Ion Leaching, Nutrient Removal and Agglomeration Around Algae
14:20-14:40 Hanna-Lii Kupri (Estonian Environmental Research Centre, Estonia) Packaging waste burning tracers in residential wood combustion area
14:40-15:00 Dr. Ingars Reinholds (University of Latvia) Assessment of the removal efficiency of pharmaceutical residues in the wastewater treatment plant in Riga, Latvia
15:00-15:20 Veronika Dillingerova (Masaryk University, Czech Republic) Application of statistical methods for the analysis of archaeological glass samples
15:20-17:00 Poster session and expo
15:45- Self-organized visits to museums and UT Chemicum (how to get to Chemicum). Info.
12. October 2016
Struve hall
Plenary lecture V: Advanced techniques for trace contaminant detection
Chair: Assoc. prof. Teemu Näykki
8:30-9:05 Assoc. Prof. Vadims Bartkevics (University of Latvia) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the environment and food products: occurrence data, risk assessment and analytical developments
9:15-10:00 Closing of the conference
Tutorial session II: Validation of analytical methods
10:45-14:00 Assoc. Prof. Koit Herodes and the LC-MS group of UT. Tutorial on validation of LC-MS methods
11:00- City tours and longer excursions (info)

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“The environment is everything that isn’t me.”– Albert Einstein


Photo by Mariann Rea

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